Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sinner Saint the movie January 31st edition

Sinner Saint

Eye am perfectly funny. Eye smile. Eye squint. Eye sound confused in a perfectly straight line. Eye am that funny a guy. So funny in fact eye saved some extra money by being dumped on any given Wednesday before my direct deposit shows eye have any values to borrow without asking because eye fell asleep right after the last pelvic thrust from my heritage.

Eye enjoy a nice toe job. Eye am stimulated by sucking on my middle toe. It makes me feel like 3 Asian college girls are massaging my genitals using ancient techniques of lick and suck lick and suck lick and suck.

Eye no longer stop to think!

Last week eye found a pubic hair in my beard. I found it strange considering eye haven't eaten any vagina the week before. The reason it is strange is because eye realize no one noticed at all. They just kept this weird started frown look on their face when speaking in close knit spaces or elevators with more than three floors.

Eye'm searching again within myself to figure out the magic words to receive a magic hand job upon request. I tried blow me? but it didn't go over as well as eye hoped.

The longest sexual encounter eye ever had was phenomenal. The worst experience....not so much. The sexual encounter lasted years because of one move and one move alone. #TheCosbyShowClassic

There is no cut off to what eye did so eye shall pause here until we push play.
-i'll wait-