Thursday, September 20, 2018

Looking to be Mai Truth in Dream

Reality Earth 🌍 is a universe 🌌 in construction.  I say this due to my motivation of the anatomical female 🚺 whom happens to be in the middle of being daddy's little girl, the independent woman, the damsel, and the hero who wants you to subdue her with six figures or vacation rights reserved for coworkers and fake pulpit enthusiasts.  Like I said, it's a construction ongoing.

I just attended a hiring event for a modern day delivery system of virtual reality realism. The same steps of acceptance applies here. I answer all your questions and I have no questions I can actually ask you. It's too early.  Meeting a new anatomical female 🚺 is the same thing. I answer all your questions knowing that submission is the goal here. If I display any non compliant behaviors prior to the end of all probation phases I will not obtain the booty. 

I have no transportation at this moment and have no idea 💡 how to legally get me what I need other than faith, trust and belief.  I believe my faith when I can trust them to be the truth.  Same thing applies to the anatomical female 🚺. 

I love how the anatomical female enjoys her anatomy based of mine.