Thursday, December 14, 2017

BhaLiiQuu Eyeahm

What i did wrong based on perspective and knowledge of this by sinnerSaint.

Fear Focus Being Hated #1 why and where.
Loving Me As iS why and when #2
Writing my mind on paper at eight about now detailing a code of numbers sequencing dates of memory by events and persons social of my person and choosing a purse each person
***iMPact on Focus to guide timeline truths
Covenance and Progressions**

Objective is to remain in master posture balance

Owning your universe is owning its con's and tangent. You and perception are the only way to sight perfection to mood. Chemical mood is processed from thought moods as they reciprocate each other. Literally you are what thoughts you eat.

Connect to Everythang about you and know you by logic truth to action reaction of thought and health. Connection is in spirit and Spirit is power by thought and thought is electrical impulse information sound energy intellect light.
Consciousness lives in this light. This is a realm. In this realm is truth to time as an effect or affect. The original 3d Printer blue print.
Observation is memory. Memory is body. Body is matter of energies. This we do in observe of the body of the light. The light of you created you from the energies of thought. You are the work and works of Origin. You are ancestry energy.

Once you are legacy always you are legacy which it took for you to be here to create in Cosmos when all has been completed to reign and rule it so from the all that is as is the is as the all we know to be.

So i reclaimed and doctrined EyeAhm BhaLiiQuu the claim in trust as is Sanctuary. The synapsis order in light. The i am authority collective legacy. The council in counsels. The One of us who are here.

I am me as is being as is Consciousness as is energy intellect impulsing. BhaLiiQuu maibaicaieii you are the ingredients stirred. You are recipe to be able to be able to. Yatis Yart Batbat You are words that create word Yawtcw

Simplicity in memory polarity light energy