Sunday, December 16, 2007


""DHAT MISTAH SHOW" is brought to you by "Do- Key Love" condoms where we know Our love is the shchiznit!!

"WHEN IS IT THAT CELEBRATION TURNS INTO THE WAY OF LIFE AND LIVING?" Hey, I enjoy a celebration or a party just like the next person. The road of a work week is long and sometimes strenuous and there is nothing like the simplification of knowing you are only in the place to have a good time. What I have noticed is that the celebration seems to be the only message anyone is listening for right now!

"People we have all the work ahead of us at this time in our lives as one complete unit or movement. I personally do not separate race, color, creed, religion (other than devil worship-and pedaphilia sodomites with no concsious) from the so called collective. There are enough people to make a movement and truly show its value or worth to the people. If you created a neighborhood where education, health, and insurance were the norm and each household contributed 250.00 per unit (house hold average of 4) only 4 times in a year, this neighborhood itself is creating a cushion worth no less than $250,000,000 a year with the formula of 1,000,000 divided by 4 equals 250,000 x's $1,000( 250 x 4) to equate the total of $250,000,000.00 per year. I use these numbers to get all accustom to thinking larger in numbers.

"The average hustler working a crack game or weed game spends more than he makes therefore he is always stuck in the loop of hustle. Music has made this hustler (dope boy) proud of being a hustling dope boy with no real future in profits. The problem is this one coming. When he realizes he has to get to the next level he often doesn't have a plan and either loses his life before it's too late or he gives away his life before it's too late. The only true purpose of a hustle is to catch you back up to speed with the regular world, and by this point you were to have had your ducks in a row so you can return with a smooth transition to the normality of social living."

"Now go on with your duffle bag boy!" Whether we choose to view our lifestyle from an religious point, a doctrined point, a hood point, a thug point, it all points to the same things." Where are our Elder's?" The Elder is the one with wisdom of both worlds and does not try to influence your muscle but continuously influence your mental so that you will be able to turn it all around. Well, most of our elders knew not what their position or title was or they gave up fighting for the good and simply said buck the world and moved away from the true responsibility of a people raising a child so that a child can raise up it's people!"

"Well, this writer says he prefers to be an Elder and assist God in moving his people to higher ground." The United State of Texas is what I am proposing in the music industry today. This unification of all Texas music can actually overwhelm the entire standard music entity that exists today, but only if we stick to our guns and not venture off!" I am not trained officially in economics, social or otherwise, but I have eyes that see far beyond the time frame in which I currently exist. Life has shown me much of what's available opposed to what cannot happen. TEXAS we have all the tools to launch a full fledge war in music that the casualty rate will be next to zero, unless....."

"The enemy knows what happens when Texas pulls out of the game in which they play. The enemy knows how much money it will lose as well. If Texas chose to buy out the contract of certain artist and corralled all these artist's under one label (60%/40% ratio highest going to the artist), the entire industry would try to move to Texas to get this very same deal." "Whoa....Mistah you crazy....there is no way in the world this will work!"

"Not to bring up old schnickens, but if we take a look at history anywhere in the world, it's all about the take over. When it's done it's done, and the world moves on. Well this writer is late for work at this time and will share the remainder of this thought at a later time( if i am not silenced by that time) and conclude the direction of that thought!" I will say this much, "you ain't seen nothing move, until you seen God move it!"