Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Dhat Mistah Show" It's Ya Birth Day?!

"Dhat Mistah Show" is brought to you by "H2O" the cool refreshing drink! When you feel salty and a little bit fatigued, try some H2O and watch how your body reacts!? It's miraculous!

Hey everybody! It's ya peeps of the hour Dhat Mistah doing what he do best, whatever that is! We would like to thank Mistah for allowing us to use him as our scape goat for this site. He is a joy to work with and we definately appreciate all of his efforts. Boogii we hope you understand why we did not buy you anything for your birthday! As you know Mistah, the budget is slim to none and all proceeds must be submitted to the head office to cover all expenses of budget. We know that you will strive to continue for excellence in all that you do! That being said Mistah, can you work a double shift for us next month as we have a few select (court appearances) dates we must cover which may require a donation or two on those such said specific dates. We know you would agree with us on this decision therefore we did not get you a gift for your birthday! However, we did come up with a playlist for you when you come up that we believe you will find exciting! Thanks again to you Mistah and keep up the good work!"


"Dhat Mistah Show"

"Dear Staff, thank you as well as I have taken it upon myself to buy my own gift. unfortunately I had to use the corproate card left by Sarah in the front office. I am certain you would agree it was reasonable in respect of what has happened. Thanks again! Dhat Mistah

"Dhat Mistah show" question of the day

"When did you decide to yourself that you are too old to achieve a goal or dream?

Ladies and gentleman, there is no set age to achieving a dream and if anyone out there tries to tell you what you can do with what God put on your heart to do, then you simply need to empathize with them narrow linear thinking and know eventually they too will see the light! God is...

"Dhat Mistah Show" track of the day

"Southern Stuff" performed by Anthony Hamilton from the Album: Ain't Nobody Worryin'