Saturday, July 5, 2008

"Dhat Mistah Show" let freedom ring!

"Dhat Mistah Show" was brought to you by "Scents of Passion" when that 7even year itch needs an accurate scratching become mistified with "Scents of Passion." There is no other passion than "Scents of Passion." He is an avid bowler. She is a work from home mom. They hardly see each other anymore. Well not any longer! Since they were introduced to "Scents of Passion," their life together and apart has never been the same. She takes work on the road now and he has become a Pro bowler PBA finalist! Thanks to "Scents of Passion" their life together has been in perfect order. "Scents of Passion" is the only true resolve to refreshing a marriage before it's too late! ORder now!


Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, dudes and dudettes, saint's and non-saints, we are proud to announce that "Dhat Mistah Show" has been ranked amongst other shows in it's genre! We are working diligently for you all (as well as ourselves) to achieve the number one spot in these rankings. When we get there we will definately let you know. Until then, keep your mind to the sky and keep your feet on the ground as we spin the world on it's axis!


Ihave been trying to format my thinking so that eye could effectively reach the masses in a simple manner of understanding. What i have found myself doing is continually missing the point of my purpose and that is simply to be exactly what eye am and that is me! What have you changed of yourself in the attempt to be accepted by others? Do you feel better or worse from this change? Did the change help you reach your goal or push you further away from your goal? "Ladies and Gentleman sometimes we simply have to be exactly who we are in order to know where we are headed, so that someone knows which way is up! Keep true to you and if your change is for the better, when it is all said and done, you should feel better from that change! Be blessed and stay humble.

"dhat mistah show."

"Dhat Mistah Show" Holiday Moment

It's Friday! The family is all over the place enjoying one another. The grill is smoking! The children are laughing as the grown ups watch it all. The feeling is mutual in times like these! When can we eat? While people were waiting on the ribs, briskette, chicken, and such, we had some hot dogs that were ready! It took less than 45 seconds before they were all gone! It's a great day! If it were not for the cook and the grill taking the time to watch over the process we would be waiting to eat or still starving.

This festive occasion is pilar to knowing what fights go on to keep you in moments like these of celebration and family. Don't allow the commercial mentality to over power the truth that "without the sacrifice of others" you could not nor would not have what you have! The point is simple as this. It's ok to believe what you believe, but don't knock me for believing in the greater good of God and choosing what's best for all, if you yourself do not see the big picture! Thanks to all military personnel across the world for allowing us non military to live as we do! Thanks to all saint's who have prayed over all in this world for a safe return home whether it's on the Earthly realm or the Spiritual realm, we thank you! God is the only reason we have a chance at knowing the truth of God's greatness.

"Dhat Mistah Show" dejavu predictions

1. at the time of this entry i have none that are public..i only have those that are private and due to security and free will i am not obligated to submit these predictons. However i will pray this! Please, please, please, be mindful of our relationship with one another as petty items should not be the reasons given to break up unless they are small examples of the huge truth. Know thyself is the best thing i can say right now! There is a couple i know and i am watching their progress as i have interacted with this couple in my dream life/sleep! Any detailed item i state now would give it away and i don't know if they actually visit this site so i am witholding this information. I don't recall any public events at this time therefore i cannot make a timely prediction. Sorry guys. I am probably trying to hard at this time of entry.

"Dhat Mitsah Show" Throw Back Artist JAm pick of the week

Wil Smith

Summer Time

Oh, and by the way Wil, please do the second and third of Hancock- I promise you that you will not regret it!

"Dhat Mistah Show" says..

Thank you all for your love and support. Keep each other motivated and most of all keep god in your heart for you are in his at all times throughout eternity.

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