Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Dhat Mistah Show" Ms. Lady Nicole

"Dhat Mistah Show" is brought to you by myspace friends and no sleep! Dhat Mistah apparently has something on his mind but just doesn't know what it is!? Good luck with dhat Mistah!

"Dhat Mistah Show" Mistah what u say?

Mistah has a hard time letting go when he is passionate about what he recalls. He was trying to explain his day and it went over the allotted time frame. We tried to post it but it was too long. Mabey next week we can show that piece for ya. Mistah it's o.k. to have one of those days. Thanks for thuggin it out with us here at K.B.G.I. Studios.

"Dhat Mistah Show staff"