Friday, September 19, 2008

"Dhat Mistah Show" a movie in review

“Dhat Mistah Show” movie review.

First I like to point out that the relationship between alfre Woodard and Kathy Bates is excellent and true to those who love and appreciate one another for truth of who they are. Kathy Bates was a remarkable and loving business woman who knows her history and appreciates life while she can. Alfre Woodard was the stereotypical loving and God fearing woman I was accustom to in my culture and upbringing in Texas. I love the two of them together in this relationship!

What I could not get over was the character Sanaa Lathan played and Tyler Perry’s wig. Tyler if you were considering getting a rug for real then please stop! You are beautiful brother without it!

Special appreciation to Taraji P Henson who physically has my eye on her because of those deep sensual eyes. She is an underrated actress who I look forward too in more supporting roles as a wife, girlfriend, best friend, caring teacher, and other great roles because she is someone I want to enjoy on film and more often.

Cole Hauser made you want to hurt him and Rockmund Dunbar’s character made you want to hurt him too for two different reason’s. Robin Givens made you want to hurt her too, but oh so in a definitely loving way!
“Dejavu Surpise Moment” is when KAdee Strickland spoke to Kathy Bates in the Garden!

This is a family movie with the true and very strong message of (for me) “how God can work in your life and how you have to work with God in your life!” 4.6 is the rate on a 5 star rating!