Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Dhat Mistah Show" A NEW YEAR A NEW PLAN

“Dhat Mistah Show” was brought to you by “God in Training” Inspirational vitamins! “You never know when you may need to supplement your thinking!” Today we discuss the question of what are the basic principles of achieving one’s goal or goals. There are obviously multiple ways to do such a task however, with today’s growing demand for attention in the spotlight, the competition is heavy and ongoing. First we take a look at what do you the artist or writer, have to offer us the viewing public or consumer. The first thing we do is recognize what we are seeking. When we know what we seek we know what to look for? If you are striving to be the best singer, rapper, writer, producer, etc, you must look at the industry standards of professionalism and then set your goals to reach that standard. Second we assess our talents or abilities which help us reach the goal. If I am a creative writer, how imaginative am I in my descriptions. If I am a dancer am I technical or emotional with my dance interpretations or pieces. The examples are lengthy so bottom line, base it on what you do. Make a list of all your strengths in the area of pursuit in which your path leads you or your heart is guiding you! Remember, you must have passion for what you do in order to sustain it. We’ll discuss that later. Thirdly after you have tallied all your points you should have a picture of where you are in your journey for this quest. When you view your distance from your goal try to visualize it only as being that much shorter a goal to achieve. If I am an aspiring singer with no knowledge of what it takes to sing, it is safe to say that I have will be starting from the very beginning of this process. If I am, the younger I am the more time I have to reach the goal and reap the rewards. If I am starting from scratch it will take more dedication from me because of the science involved with learning (which this writer believes HEART can conquer this area completely). Now all you do is go for it! That’s it! Yup! No more to tell you than that! You will naturally research certain or specified areas in which you personally have interest in excelling but the bottom line is simply put like a check in the box. Just do it as the slogan says. There is no other way to do anything than by doing it regardless of any gifting, rewards, or compensation is considered or concerned. Remember the statement regarding passion for what you do? Why would anyone pay you to do something you cannot or choose not to do over and over again!? The passion for what you do must be recognized so that your consumer base or your fan base will want to remain loyal to your findings as you share with them your creative concerns and journeys. Your craft will be all the prize you need for when you look back at it all you know very well that there is no feeling like one of accomplishment! Well, I hope we all got something from this little bit of information which you the reader already had! You simply forgotten about it due to all the red tape of confusion or misdirection released in front of you. Keep your eyes on the ball is the best way to fight such red tape for there is nothing to stop you when all you see is your finish line! -Mistah- "QUESTION OF THE DAY?: DO YOU MAKE MUSIC FROM THE HEART?