Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Dhat Mistah Show" if i were a Twitterer

"Eye have brought you to me by What other way should there be?" Todays entry was inspired by a misdirect entry to have posted to one of my first blog files The thought of always telling everyone what you are doing has taken a huge spin to the mindset of social interaction. Now using internet as a completely global chat line one only has to gain access, established, and accessibly visual for all the eyes to see or hear. The new social hierarchy has frenzied its way through accepted social behavioring of the plugged in kind. The irony of it all for this writer is as behavior we want privacy so that our displayed behavior to solicit our priavacy is protected. Well, safe hypocrissy is accepted because that's how its run in politics. Meanwhile celebrity social site elites flourish from topic to topic and subject to subject. Texting systems such as Twitter help in constant group updating a sort of reverse spam mentality if you will. All products have or require updates so why not my life. Hear my thoughts as eye constantly update my whereabouts. It's a virtual reality of psychic networking withought the need for unwanted updates or is it? Eventually we all shall recognize we as a behavior are claiming the self right of product services. We virtually accept our cultivation of "for sale" without the negative and non glamorous connotation it otherwise has in socially accepted associations. Whether it is a name or concept or gadget or mood long gone or the tedious creative thinking ways of mood rings and outings to the park, people from all over the world can communicate at literally the touch of the button. -Dhat Mistah Show-