Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Dhat Mistah Show" mind on my music

"Dhat Mistah Show" is brought to you by "Wet Willies Water Park." It's a splash of fun for the family .

Today eye must convey my concerns for where eye am in music and what eye need from my music at this time in my life as an aspiring Dj. Eye need my music ideas to be professionally recorded. I need my music from that point to be Catalogued. Once these 2 items have been successfully completed eye need my web page properly and funfully developed for simple listening pleasure. These three feets of accomplishment will position me to freely position myself for hire as eye will post all shows on my website as eye format it as an informal radio review of self help radio. Well, how about a home made radio station from a producers standpoint for home made studios. The core idea is great and allows me to actually incur sponsorship from outside sources who feel value from my page. The page will host 3 annual events and 1 grand finale event which will have local celebrity icons to host the show just like on tv except its webcam internet tv video radio reality cybernet radio. Eye have noticed eye am clawing for a new name or coin if you will, of acceptance like saying "Twitter Me" or saying "hit me up on my myspace" and so on. Google me!" Is going to be the new more profoundly aaccepted phrase of contact as we all grow closer to the system currently set via internet media distribution. Anyway, eye could really continue but you are already board so let's get back to our goals and dreams and just make good to great music. Over the weekend eye made some new beats with some decent words but could not transfer the finished recording due to my own financial inability. When eye perfect my work station and recording process it is going to involve upload after upload of music for the people. Ringtones, commercial jingles,and more will be readily available the creativity is promissed to never end. People can purchase dhat Mistah show for their wedding, party, and more by one click of a button. Wow! €he new entrepreneur is completely virtual inside the cybernet reality of The World Wide Web. -Dhat Mistah Show-