Monday, June 8, 2009


"Dhat Mistah Show" was brought to you by "Target PRactice " dating service when one liner's just don't cut it anymore!

The virtual reality concept has more than soared for not only music enthusiasts but business enthusiasts as well. The thought now of give me your business card has transformed into social clubs via the world wide web from myspace, to facebook, and the video community exploded with hotspots such as youtube and other virtual communities like Twitter and Flixter. The sanctions of communication have been lifted the very moment we all dove into the SELF MADE reality superstars of the world wide web, and oh what a web we weave!

The government recognizes the advancements and opportunies by the masses with social networking clubs such as myspace,facebook, youtube, and twitter. Musical companies have done so as well, but not as much as the artist themselves. The artist of today will have the standard social networking package like cable television and ensure they are available for their current and or future fanbase. The importance of the internet has transcended basic email use and instant messaging. The benefit of an instant update is the difference between knowing when a surprise one time sale will take place and being first in line for tickets to your favorite artists surpise mini concert.

The importance now has grown so that even the manufacturers of the technology in use today have to keep in consideration creating a device that comes inclusive with these social networks and applications to be considered as a purchase. Todays new consumer will be one of reality television, online gaming, and social networking with the same requirement for simplicity. I just want the darn thing to work!

What will more than likely happen is an online restructuring of the known accepted infrastructure between the relationship of public to artist to product. The thought is mainstream record companies will set up their portfolio online in a self assessed radio program director format. Now this step will tie in the old school with the new school by display hit records by the record company. The relationship right now is one of old school slavery with a master and a slave. Do as I say only. What could happen now is a growth in procedure and format for launching new artist and new concepts at a global scale with instant access and acceptance.

There will be a new wave of marketing by showcase parties being national parties displaying new and current artists. The labels themselves only think money now, and not new wave future money based on future concepts. What this writer would love to see is tradition enhanced but not forgotten as to why it's tradition and valued. Tradition is to represent value not how we do it. What is the value in how you do things. Where are the triggers that stimulate the process and cultivate the acdeptance of acquiring such value from the product and or service. The way to know now is was it a google item, a twitter item, a youtube item, a myspace item, a facebook item, or even a UStream.Tv item or any other not as popular social network engine created to keep the world connected.

Today is obvious how much we rely on our entertainment, news, facts, fun, dreams and goals. Today is obvious who what where when and why we do what we do. The not so obvious question is how connected are you really? The consumer with the high or low cell phone bill, cable bill, or package knows how much it costs, but do we know how much it's really worth to us all? What's your connection?
-Dhat Mistah Show-