Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Note: Dhat Mistah Show is sponsored

Dhat Mistah Show is sponsored by "God is" Lettermen Attire. When the graduate has elevated staus "God is" the only righteous way to display your earned credentials.  (Jingle says-"Whatever you may Letter-God is"  Visit our website an order the Special Edition cloake and bagger combo while supplies last.    "Walk with a dip" is playing on the radio into a smooth transition "In a Falsetta" maintains the objective of young love and some old searching for it again.  I personally am reminded of myself as eye view the look in the mirror which affirms its findings.  The best eye can provide is what's found to be the rule which by interpretation validates completing the requirement for such truth whether creagious or not.  The best you blinks not but stares at the truth.