Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Dhat Mistah Show" Hip Hop?

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Well Mecca said and Mecca did with the release of The Blue Print vol. 3 and Only built for Cuban Linx pt 2. Jay-Z and Raekwon have been said to complete classic status but the financial business inquiries is it sound in its business. Fans whom are loyal will agree as first time listeners will decide for themselves.
Lil Wayne is still on top as 50 Cent cares less. Kanye West is still in his world of me as Drake gets his rotation in order. The wonderful world of Hip Hop could use a really dominant female right now with wisdom and change without compromise of sensuality so that new dudes can up their gab to courtship. Eminem is simply angry and eye am waitingon Method Man, Redman,and Rakim to show up and remind us all why we loved Hip Hop in the first place as the current leaders in hip hop fight amongst themselves as we the children watch, wondering which parent to side up with.
Hip Hop ain't dead and never was dead for if it were dead it could be no more. Hip Hop don't die, it simply multiplies so that we all get an opportunity to eat for ourselves in our own individual sectors of the very building we reside. Don't act like you ain't hungry! Take the opportunity prideful one and nourish your body so your mind can think clearly for a change. When you brag about what you got you influence thinking to sway that direction for to brag is to be zealous in one's joy saying out loud, "It's better over here!"
Hip Hop is an influence whether the instruments are tuned or not, clean or not, shiny or not, they are still instruments all the same, to be used for purpose of sound which we all know is to be heard!