Thursday, September 17, 2009

A letter to the company. The financial times are not over until change is noticed in your banking accounts.

"I first off want to say that eye feel better about where eye work and not really certain why."  This email is not a hate mail or derrogatory email.  Eye have recently been inspired to share this thought with this call center because in my nature eye try to represent my team to the fullest regardless of personal accomplishments.  We have recently upgraded or enhanced the standard in which quality is governed here in the Company infrastructure known as customer service.  Eye was pleased to hear how much more the word "fair" was taken into consideration when completing this upgrade/enhancement to quality in customer service.
"While in conversation with a co-worker a thought came to mind regarding morality or morale."  The first thing came to mind was 2 co-workers who entere the building from opposite sides and see each other from a far and one yells out to the other!  "HotSpot Wifi what's my thang!" Then a response is given to the chant saying, "SSG now that's my game!"  The chant carries over into 2 to 3 other responses and eye realized what eye was seeing in my mind was the characteristics of a "Steppers Squad." 
"I think as a healthy surprise to Company Faculty there could be a greek week or something to that effect where on this one particular day as a surprise to the entire staff a "Frisco Steppers Squad" walks floor to floor with the special "SSG" chant that enforces the values of using SSG."  Nothing fancy.  The energy of the Steppers will be what hypes the morale of the current Company Frisco family.  This may require actually posing a challenge to all local greeks in the metropolitan area to create a step that utilizes The Company SSG and the finals could be held where ever appropriate and inside of any Company budget.
"Now before this entire email is simply deleted without full thought into how much it could improve the likeness of The Company's services outside of its direct products and services let me say this. "  We don't have to wait for a cause to be the reason.  I am a 5 year man here in this company by choice and design.  I have had so many ideas but felt that they would simply be over looked and too far fetched to persue.  I have no idea what is going to happen by me submitting this email, but eye personally would love to know that something eye gave to The Company, other than my existing givings, was taken seriously and implemented atleast in the field of actual real to life consideration. 
"Eye must be completely honest as well!" Eye was really upset at my own phone bill from this company."  Eye felt jaded and used simply because not only did the actual business increase to employees effect me by 1 full tank of gas, but eye no longer felt special as now eye have in my mind a regular cell phone bill from the company eye work for.  Eye am currently looking at release one of the phone lines as my budget does not and cannot afford the increase.  When we add up how many other merchants in our daily lives have increased their prices based on the current financial market eye am always going to suffer.  Eye at this time cannot pay all my bills at the same time at the end of the month.  If eye have to be honest in an interview about what is my view point on The Company as a company eye will have 50/50 on why it is a great place to work for me.  Eye have been victim quite a few times during my 5 years but my upbringing and cultural background has to well taught in suffering and forgiveness, and especially grace.  There is always room for improvement.  The very reason why eye listen to what a Coach or Senior has to say about my performance.  There is also room for improvement in the areas of preventative maintenance as well as eye always look ahead to what if scenarios.  Eye can honestly say eye actually did not see the employee plan increase coming.  Eye really didn't.  My actual increase is $50 give or take which for me makes the difference of an nsf at the bank simply because eye have to buy the gas anyway with $3 to $4 left in my account.  The only point eye am truly making is your staff is always impacted by each and every decision, business or personal, that you as a company make on our behalf.  If we are only trying to survive right now, we definitely don't have to have a cell phone as breathing, eating, always come first before what is convenient.  These handsets are based on society's need to continue with convenience.  Eye like both my phones and in my mind since eye was not born with a phone eye am pretty certain eye don't have to die with one. 
"Eye have actually gotten so desperate in my finances eye play lottery now hoping eye can win just a couple hundred dollars to help."  Eye can't get a part time job and go to school based on business needs and practices.  Eye drive daily 96 miles each day which requires a fill up at the end of 4 days. Mathematically this means eye need $200 each pay period for gas to drive to work only.  Eye have recently stopped taking the Toll as they also have increased their fees.  Eye don't eat out as much, and eye leave in the area of an extra 30mins to 45 mins just to make sure eye can get to work on time(give or take construction or an accident taking 6 different highways).  What pains me the most is the fact that eye care about my family here at work as much as my family at home!  Eye have met so many people and grown so much as a person eye am actually sad writing this letter to eye have no idea who. So please.  When eye actually send The Company an idea that is inspiring. Do know that my time is actually worth more than the wages rendered, benefits or not, for my heart and spirit are more precious than gold, and it takes a lot for someone who has a hard time believing, to take another chance in believing in the company they work for! 
CD Williams
Rep id: xxx1220158xxx
Hire Date: march 4th 2004