Friday, October 23, 2009

Dhat Mistah Show Friday Night for Jags

"DHAT MISTAH SHOW" SPORTS COMMENTARY FOR SUMMIT VARSITY FOOTBALL was brought to you by "High School Conession Stands" when you need a hot chocolate and some nachoes! :)

***Before we describe the brief excerpt for last nights game let us all be reminded that these young men need positive reinforcement with use of wisdom and clarity for their future. The main goal and point is to know what means TEAM. If we celebrate together we are defeated together. The Professional Ranks have taken this from you with their example of money equals power from politics. Young men of this America please forgive us for handing over to you the wrong concept of success. It's you not the money, power, or fame for those are false sense's of duty. It's character and the ability to endure and maintain due to that character. You have the talent to change someone's life other than your own, so be more than what you speak by always showing what you can do!

The Summit Jaguars and the Sam Houston Texans both have defeatable defensive strategies. The Texans relied on 2 players for their offensive assault and it worked well consistently. The Jaguars switched up the offensive attack with a hurry up offense and some dedicated run plays for the effective weapons Summit can unleash. The Jaguars defense however made 3 key defensive stands to give the Jaguars an 18 point lead over the Texans. However an effective onside kick did wonders for the Texans to close the gap to only 6 points. The remaining 1:56 seconds of the fourth quarter once again had the crowd wondering what the Coaching staff was thinking about allowing the players to run plays to the sidelines which stopped the clock. What appeared to be an effective flea flicker turned bad with a Jaguars fumble at the end of the play. The Texans with an effective backfield reverse of their own rallied them 50+ yards to about the 14 yardline with 6 seconds win the game. The Texans in the end were not effective due to a defensive effort by the Jaguars with a deflected pass to the corner of the endzone leaving this battle of the offense's Jaguars 60 Texans 54. -Dhat Mistah Show-
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