Friday, October 30, 2009

Dhat Mistah Show "Hip Hop" Trin City

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TC and Chris G forgive me for the mispelling. Thank you guys for doing you. We at DMS appreciate authenticity and want to see great things for you. The question we have and would like for you to respond to is "What has impacted you mostly about the entire Dallas music scene to strive to be heard as an artist?" Today's music and direction has taken many twists and turns. Do you see yourself as a pilar of music or even future leader. There are so many artists today that have no direction in their music and tend to give up their voice simply to be accepted by the public. Knowing this is a business what plans do you have for the music industry? We know your schedule is full at this time and appreciate the photo opportunity and spending time with us here ar Dhat Mistah Show. Thank you Ms. Denmon for the introduction as well. Eye would also love to interview you as well regarding The Dallas Scene. -Dj Hatsim- aka "Mistah Boogii"
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