Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dhat Mistah Show "A Reminder"

We are brought to you by "Truth Be Told" when fluff has gone too far! We humbly send condolences to all families grieving at this time. / / Gone but not forgotten meet in da Crook 2 day at 600pm 4 da memorial 4 Lil Blew pass dis on God Got It-
"We as homosapiens need to reflect within our spirit the truth of the gifts in life and that is what we are able to share with one another while we walk in this form." Keep your minds on truth within and recognize that each opportunity to uplift one another is an increase in your very riches of the spirit. Do Not give up without a fight as it is imperative those you love are made aware during your tenured walk of this Earthian dimension and realm of life to live! God is..."God Got It"
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