Friday, October 30, 2009

"Eye Fold My Arms"

"Eye fold my arms on artistry untamed as it is over looked the amount of energy and sacrifice rendered to facilitate an opportunity to display such said artistry." Eye sadly became witness to a young brother caught up in Ego display a very obvious and imprisoned mindset. Oppose to confirming what created a technical difficulty or disruption in the performance, the artist made sure it was known he is down for violence first and understanding completely last. Note to self young squires: Make sure the one you threaten is not the very same one whom has created you the opportunity to wear your art on stage. The business is always business regardless of how personal you take it and or make it! -Dj Hatsim-
"Ladies" Dj Hatsim will be raffling off a date for He and you at a prestige restaurant with candle light, music, massage, fruits, wine, limosuine service, and brunch.". The raffle will be held once all 2,000 tickets are purchased. Simply visit the Snocap store at the bottom of the page and download your ticket by purchasing "The Raffle" album a compilation of instrumentals created for the thinker seeking peace, love and joy in his or her lifestyle."The Raffle" soon to be in digital download stores January 1st 2010. Get ur copy early before every one else to ensure your chance to win.
Please maintain the integrity of your proof of purchase and email "Dj Hatsim" and list in the subject field "The Raffle request" and send it to Please list a return email address, contact number and T-shirt size. Thank you for your participation. A portion of the proceeds of the raffle will be donated to the National Scoliosis Foundation.
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