Tuesday, November 24, 2009


"DHAT MISTAH SHOW" is brought to you by K.B.G.I. STUDIOS 69 THE D with Dj Hatsim.  When you need the reyet slyce to kutt the dance floor! Turn to K.B..G.I. STUDIOS 69 THE D. Today we are going to discuss the what if eye told you conversation pieces to spread the word about this web blog radio page.  We are doing this to grow but more so to display what real music from creation of the heart is all about.  Eye am it's founder and proud sponsor and am too it's own client.  Sound familiar?  WE here at "Dhat Mistah Show" and staff are proud to be a part of an honest attempt to cohesively inspire the community for which we represent.  We represent the new school and the old school.  We represent what it means to put your heart on your sleve but still wear the shirt effectively and comfortably.  We are proud to share with the community a good honest heart and attempt to inspire, lead, construct, and develop a better and stronger community in music entertainment and business development.  We are not shunned by the truth of needing assistance in certain areas of exposure, areas of business, or in commercial recordings as we are only what we are in our stage or stages of development to reaching perfection or that which is considered perfect in audio recording. 
  There is a promotional concept we are considering.  The concept in mind is one of a lottery format.  We are currently attempting to fairly construct the principles and laws involved to allow such a promotional concept without being constricted to unwarranted rules and regulations that often greed seem to stimulate.  We were wondering that if you were offered an opportunity to receive money back for your online digital audio concept purchase (mp3 music download-aka song, music, slyce, audio file).  The offer has only one condition that it reaches the promoted goal for new sales.  The purpose surfices a marketing concern and need as well as a new patron concern.  The benefit will be in getting as many others to know about this promotional concept as possible and at the same time be an early bird on making your personal digital download or purchase from the "Dhat Mistah Show" website and music store. 
  We currently are not at a level we can compete with the standard in professional and commercial recording.  However, thru current technological advances music can be as professional and clear as crystal.  We require adequate funding to duplicate such sounds in audio recording and its attributes to establishing such a sound.  We prefer taking a concept to the studio and professionally record to minimize expenses than use all proceeds in creating a studio knowing that each component requires testing and further testing which in most scenarios is more than costly.  We felt that if we collectively pool resources into one huge pot and dedicate these resources to other projects we all can win and here is how.  IF 2,000 individual submissions were rendered at $20.00 each  an accumulative $40,000 is tendered.  This very sum is a once a month sum that only needs to happen once a month for 12 consecutive months in a row at 3 year intervals.  The month and year will dictate the numbers selected but not the winners.  The winners are selected from answering the money question which will always be based on the lyric or lyrics off the concept album or song from the concept album.  This means all one has to do is purchase the album listen to it and then when their number is called answer the album question.
  2,000 is a big number to start out with however the purpose of this program is for growth.  Now considering it's mostly regulated by one individual at it's smaller level the concept is sound and solid when faciliated accurately.  The primary focus is to not squander the revenues accrued or gathered for this program.  This program has many avenues in which it will generate revenues after the initial investments are made.  The objective is this to make things clearer to the reader for honest overstanding of how this can happen as well as what can happen in this program.  Each month will qualify a new group of 2,000 donations or investors at $20 each facilitated thru the digital download process we take those acquired funds and cycle them into a total of $40,000.  This acquired revenue thru donation practices will ensure your place for interested earned at the end of 3 year status with a value no less than $100.00 per $20.00 donation rendered which is a 5 to 1 increase of your $20 donation or $20 bill of tender. Each month will represent 2,000 investors whom with totals earned will fund a project to earn more revenues.  Any album recorded by "Dhat Mistah Show" and "K.B.G.I. STUDIOS" for these projects is gurranteed a professional process to ensure no flaw to ruine fund accrual.  We have at our current disposal over 2,000 individual artist's and producers whom will donate a top notch concept album or single to participate in the revenue accrual goal of each said project.  Each project is only required to meet a goal of it's existing memebers.  IF each project has a minimum member(investor) amount of 2,000 members(investors) the album requirement is 2,600 copies sold to reach full goal target of $40,000 cleared after clearing house dues and fees paid to digial clearing houses such as  THESE DETAILS ARE BASED SOLELY AT THIS TIME OF USING SNOCAP.COM AND ITS CURRENT FEES ASSOCIATED TO DIGITAL PUBLISHING AND DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ROYALTIES DISTRIBUTION CURRENTLY IN USE.   
  "Dhat Mistah Show" staff guarrantees success on each album concept as we are dedicated to the success of this program.  The main purpose of the program is to establish awareness of working together without malice, greed, selfishness, and or non uplifting adjectives that bring a cloud to our communities on a daily reoccuring basis.  WE are banking on these basics of life such as reproduction, business, education, funding programs, property tax, transportation, real estate development, and the need for community.  Face it people are always going to reproduce and at the rate or reproduction right now we are definitely going to need more long money communities to help balance the over flow of need and consumerism.  We realize that with what we have formulated along with current growing standards in technology and information technology we are at the new beginning of something more than great.  History shows that when a vision is followed to it's letter it is set in stone.  Once the stone has been set there can be more stones placed anywhere based on the foundation of the original stone or foundation.  Thus building up an infrastructure of community and economic supplement.  
  This program is based on the inspiration of youth and their ability to try new things and adventure.  This is not a program to exploit the youth.  This program has strict guidelines that protect the adulthood of any young person under the age of 18 and not excluded to the ages up to 25.  This program will inspire youth or young adults from schools all over the country to participate in it's valued ways of charity, motivational speaking, expression and business mangement practices used to uplift a community and provide an option of opportunity to rebuild self esteem and economic value.  We shall concentrate efforts to young adults to promote this program as they are the major buyers of music sales.  We shall discuss how on the next excerpt on the following week so that time is allotted to inhale the current mist you read before your very eyes.  Thank you for your time. 
-Dj Hatsim and Dhat Mistah Show staff-