Sunday, November 15, 2009


"DHAT MISTAH SHOW" is brought to you by "LUCY LIU" HUG DREAMERS OF LUCY LIU support group.  When a little Liu is all you need!"  We address the question of where are we in music today?  Have we dropped any batons regarding truth in music as art is known to diplays views of truths from every day life we somehow seem to avoid or miss.  Does the music today and future artists have in mind what they want their sound to truly represent in this society they submit themselves subjective to?
  There are plenty of lyricists, artists, emcees, true to the artform of music and expression and fail to compromise for either personal beliefs, work ethic, or simply how they are without even thinking about it much, these are available to us all. We simply have to find them and know where they are now.  A place not to exclude from thought is believe it or not. 
  When an artists profile is adequately displayed correct information can be accrued and perhaps categorized with appropriate fielding.  The problem is that there are millions upon millions of artists.  The question becomes how do you listen to the best of those such artists.  Eye thought myspace would have made themselves a radio station based on all the myspace music profile's artist profiles and categorize them based on hits per day and reference them with sales per day and that way label executives could view the top of the list and minimize their expense efforts with artist development.  This would put music training back into the hands and destiny of the self procalimed artist or group.  However mabey it's just my view but seems like it could or should be the next step from social network applications geared for self promotion.  I would then cross reference myself with a Monster Jobs social application to allow serious dialogue and opportunity to link up perfect matches like dating.  Strong urban based record label seeking self motivated pop artist or hip hop artist with own following to participate in a small tour.  What this will do in turn is set up more events for more variety of show cases and purposes therefore employing more artists opportunity.  The main point just like any economy is that it will always  require some sort of constant or consistent stimulation in order for results to be produced properly. 
  There are a series of obvious and not so obvious ways of increasing the stimulus of music meets business but the question is how do you get people to listen to what you are doing more or enough to appreciate what you do as an artist or business person?  Well, that's the question we would like to ask artists of today who have found what they do or path they followed actually worked for them.  We believe that one can never disregard hand to hand combat of attention by physicallay putting a cd or product in the hands of the intended market base.  Speaking up for one's self at all open mic venue's available and or showcases!  Meeting with other businesses asking if they have need for Dj's, special dinner's, dances, special marketing needs, whatever you can think of that involves a business and music talk to them about it.  Put your name in the list of Go To Guys and have an edge over other artists.  Don't forget!  Ewe can be successful and not go platinum in the game and business of music.  Money is money and what better way to make it with than by making it with something you love! 
  Whatever you do and however you get it done make certain it is all worth the while. Once you release yourself to the world you are out there.  The purpose of your music should be obvious and your destinction from others should be your actual voice.  The words you choose and the melodies you sang should always reflect what you truly are.  Stay firm in knowing you are worthy and have a voice about it all.  Now go forth and reflect your life and shine in your music.  Don't be afraid of hard work for it always has easy results of satisfaction , especially when you know you put your all into it!  -Dj Hatsim-