Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dhats My Saturday

Dj Hatsim here on a personal reflection. First off eye saw"New Moon" and it was packed and packed and then packed again with people everywhere waiting in lines, on walls, and in the rain waiting to get some "New Moon" and it was worth their wait. Most viewers are from the book series and almost all of them say you have to read the books to fully inderstand the movies. This movie goer enjoyed the movie and due to my own personal convictions of sight, prayer, knowing of truth, and dejavu lifestyle eye personally see the same truth eye always see. Where there is love there is God. There are so many examples eye from my personal examples eye want to share to the world eye can't choose. The best one eye can share is one you already know of but often times forget you already know. "You are what you eat", whether its mental, physical, spiritual, it is the the things you allow into you hearts mind and body that keep you in the world in which you choose how to live. Your experiences received and submitted display where you react to life. The truth in your mind, your hearts desire and your ability to continue all balance out to one common goal of conquest or more so your survival. Make sure you are aware of the type of lifestyle you have developed as it is yours and there is no one else to place fault as you have always contained the ability to change its direction at anytime whether it is positive or negative change is only in view a measurement. There is always the opportunity to live life fully! Considered eye Blackberry'd the entire piece eye shall say this last bit. Eye see God every day! Eye speak with God, eat with God, talk with God and even when allowed eye get some personal time(keeping it Holy) with God. Now if you believe God does not exist then you learned how to believe that. If you believe mankind is the top of it all and life ends on Earth, you learned that belief. If you believe it enough the mind will make it true beyond your ability to maintain that truth. Keep love at the top and truth in the center and the bottom will be no more than a cloud underneath your feet! God is...
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