Thursday, December 17, 2009


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  THERE SEEMS TO BE A NEW FINANCIAL PATTERN IN WIRELESS SERVICES AND MUSIC. The trend is becoming apparent that the wireless carriers and all their upgrades are needing to pay off their financial obligations in a timelier fashion due to all the economic restructuring all of the world is completing for itself.  There are becoming fewer and fewer away from home locations where hotspot services can be utilized.  There are those such as " Panera Bread" and a small list of others whom currently retain free wifi in their place of business at this time, but the list is becoming close to slim to none..  The east coast has taken heed as business owners even plug up their outlets to prevent wifi connectivity from their business if you are not patroning their specialty during peak business hours. 
The wireless war has become one that if you can't utilize a high speed wireless internet connection you are limited to downloading music to your phones or your high speed internet connection (if that) from home.  IF the pattern continues one can expect to see all types of reformed music formatting in digital music downloads.  The true creative artist may end up in a technological decision based on common useage of the people to stick to making songs that do not exceed 120 seconds due to the wrieless industry inability to maintain adequate bandwidth to sustain musical pieces exceeding that amount of time.
There are always options to getting around dilemma's dependent upon how much time and patience one has to use such advancements or alternatives.  Time will tell if we are ready to be as technologically advanced as we are wanting from entertainment all the way to transportation.  Music however may or may not see a change in how we actual remain creative in our divine freedom of expression.  It may be an opportunity for the dvd industry to speak to artist and pricing so that we the people can actually obtain more music directly from the artist without being compromised to big business.  A dvd will hold more mp3 files than a standard 80 minute compact disc and the artist can become even more creative by placing music videos on the dvd.  PERsonally for me it would be a wonderful opportunity to create a new bubble in the music industry and stretch out all boundaries restructuring musical interests as well as to getting back to basics at affordable pricing.  -Dj Hatsim-