Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Dhat Mistah Show" My Relationship with Music

"Dhat Mistah Show" is brought to you by "Boiling Eggs Advertising" we got the stinker for ya! My life has been a wonderful learning experience. Eye have learned from the world many things about myself and others. The most important thing eye share with you is my heart otherwise known as love. The best thing about love is its attempt to be removed from you will actually show physically and mentally how deep in love you truly are. The question we acquire from the experience is most times the answer we were seeking before it all started.

When eye made a conscious decision to persue music eye didn't have a plan. Eye figured eye would make good music and people would like it or appreciate it. What eye ended up learning from the start to unending finish is that good music is appreciated but anyone can do it. However, only the committed can keep it going! Eye have been learning the game of music for 20 years and oh what a learning experience it truly is. What eye would prefer to master is sound engineering. The purpose of song is expression. Expression is all it can be about for any other purpose is a fabricated truth. People respond to rhythm but more so to thought.
Example, when 2 Live Crew hit nationally it was as if people had never heard such language before in their lives, when in fact they were using worse language than on the record. When Lil Jon exploded nationally people of the east coast felt as if music had taken a turn for the worse, when in fact a new genre had been created therfore making it a turn for the better. When Gangsta Rap hit, it hit during a time that was indicative of what urban america was dealing with all across the nation. The beat is one thing but the real message of description behind the feelings of experience complete us like a sentence. Eye guess 911 is a joke, ain't so funny now.
The only point eye am making at this stage of my writing is express yourself constructively as you view it because there is someone else out there whom is afraid to express it. We all need good examples in our lives and the best example is the one given not the one kept.
-Dj Hatsim-