Sunday, February 28, 2010

DHAT MISTAH SHOW Dj Hatsim what are you talking about?

Today is the date in which eye submit and state my full fledge business purpose and reason. Eye am saying in short terms that if you trust in me to follow my heart eye will entrust to you the benefit of such trust. Eye bring to you what has been lost by so many as honor and integrity and honesty to the cause unflawed. Eye if by example have told you "IF eye win lottery eye'm going to buy you a house.", trust in such statement knowing if achieved will be honored.
Eye write to all the world today and state eye honor my heart as so do ewe and or you. Eye am only asking 2,000 people to trust me every thirty days for three years in a row. The purpose is to establish a company in which generates money for you without supervision. Eye by standards today have formulated a full proof module that untouched completes its mission statement by the agreeance of 2,000 sponsors by 12 times a year for minimum 3 years consecutive without fail. This module generates a capital base which can sustain the acquisition of 3 major franchise opportunities that without fail shall remain lucrative in todays social and business standards.
The first thing required is 2,000 people to read the program so all steps are achieved as we shall influence a market base that could utilize stimulus in business and job formulation. Virtual reality or internet technology standards allow growth opportunity in the home based business genre,however none have set the bar so high as this commitment by rewriting a new standard that renovates a community or neighborhood a minimum 250 families at a time.
Dallas and Ft. Worth has no less in my mind 6 million people and surely out of 6 million people 2,000 can agree to spend a minium of $120.00 dollars a year or $360.00 for three years total. This accrual of monies and people will establish a stimulant which followed by pattern will generate 100 fold it's acquisition.
Every dollar DHAT MISTAH SHOW accrues excluding charity disbursement's shall remain in a savings account to accrue interest based on highest amount achievable. The target goal is $3,000,000 as it accrues interest faster than lower amounts acquired. Once the goal is acquired the interest amounts escluding 15% for stewardship compensation will be disbursed to The Following for program completion of minimum business excpectation and requirement in consecutive order.
STick to the program and after three years of business vestment and acquisition start receiving a supplemental income for life of contract. The average contract term is based on three years due to consecutiveship implemented in formual model. The program is designed to find you and pay you or your executor regardless of the time it takes to achieve the goal minimum requirement target! WE are building long term stimulus so each family involved one way or the other will have a system that works for them non stop around the clock. The more we accrue the faster we vest for disbursement back to you.
Now imagine if all 300,000,000 registered united states citizens did this step for three years consecutive in a row what the total would add up to? LEt's look shall we? 300,000,000 multiplied by $360 totals a sum of $108,000,000,000.00 without interest. Now deposit this sum into a savings that earns interest of current wall street standards or banking stnadards. The result would allow 10 major franchise acquisitions annually until 100 businesses are acquired. All the families of these united states would have an automatic disbursement check equivelant to being a thousandaire of 100k or more. This in itself would establish a raise in the standards of minimum wage and supplement. THE ONLY POINT EYE AM MAKING HERE IS HOW IMPACTFUL THIS PROMISE AND FORMULA REALLY IS.

Eye in conclusion promise in God that if all steps are obtained a debt free lifestyle is promised to you atleast for 3 years consecutive or inside of three years accumulitive. Better example is if 2,000 people donate by purchase method or pay pal option eye will in turn use all revenues acquired to invest for you and persuit of a debt free lifestyle for such said 2,000 sponsors or vestors. My only true goal is to get money back into your pocket from a style of collective efforts or combined efforts of unison. There isn't anything else to say about this program. It is well written out and requires absolute faith in it as a system no more or less than the faith we all carry now in whatever we involve ourselves in. You decide if you want to be a spectator watching others do it or decide for yourself to be a player in this game and go for the championship ring! Work is involved but initially not after the 3 year mark has been reached. The system runs itself thereafter and easily fits any part time job equivelant in profile based on time.

IF YOU ACTUALLY HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OF INVOLVEMENT PLEASE CONTACT ALL AUTHORITIES ON THIS PROGRAM AND RESEARCH AS A CROSS REFERENCE TO THE AUTHENTICITY OF THIS AGREEMENT OFFERED TO THOSE WHO WILL BE KNOWN IN WRITING ONLY AS The Following. This website and other internet based affiliates will post updates and offers throughout it's tenure as a best practices response to ensure all available offers and findings are pronounced in a public private and business demeanor as purpose only. This program is based on that which already exists and simply combines the efforts of The Following to establish an opportunity in debt relief and income accrual.