Wednesday, March 24, 2010


  EYE would like to take this opportunity while my head is clear to state the following.  I CD Williams also known as DJ Hatsim Reyet Dhere also known as P2thanutt also known as King Deuce also known as Chucky2Phones and the list goes on, am honestly asking for assistance.  I am in a situation that requires a financial impact for it to go away.  Eye know we all need money and enjoy the fruits of its labor, however eye don't need money.  I do however need to change a situation for a group of people who rely on my financial contributions in life.  Eye at this time have 2 album projects available for sale on Itunes (and a list of other online digital stores) currently priced $9.99.   WOULD YOU LOAN ME $20 AND BUY BOTH ALBUMS! 
  The reason for this excerpt is because eye have no other LEGAL AND VALUABLE way of making money.  I work on music from home at night when eye am not at work on my full time job.  My commute daily is 96 miles per day both ways.  My expenses of the commute tally up to about $450 to $500 per month.  This total is from average monthly of  $80 in toll fees(toll pass),$375.00 (avg $75 fillup x 5 times per month) and any unforseen items.  Eye during this time of recession have simply been holding my breath under water and don't know how much longer it will last.  Eye am desperate.  So desperate that eye am actually writing this on my web page and hoping people read it and believe my situation. 
Everything about my start up company and mission statements and goals are true.  What is a dream is more than a reality for me as these economic times are steadily climbing amongst the nation.  Eye am making a legal and binding promise to all who donate to this cause or to those who do support this cause with a financial contribution will receive a return on their investment in me and this company.  My pledge is that once eye officially record a commercial album in a professional studio and receive sales from such said works, all monies will first be tabulated to reinvest in those who got me to this goal of a professional recording album.  All monies from the album go back into the company savings account until the desired financial goal has been met.  Once it has been met, we start contacting everyone involved with this pledge and make sure we pay you back with interest.  Example: James Johnson make a purchase of both albums totaling $20 and sends in his digital receipt of purchase for validation.  The professional album in a year was produced and  distributed and at the end of that particular year had a total in sales of 10,000 units.  James without knowing receives a voucher or pay pal confirmation of $100.  James just made $80 dollars and all he did was spend $20 and trusted in the good intentions of Dhat Mistah Show.   The beautiful part is James is unaware he is listed  with Dhat Mistah Show to receive publishing royalties as Dhat Mistah Show listed him in the commercial works as co producer.  Now James gets money periodically in the mail and all he did was trust me and pay $20.
Personally at this time eye have no idea how to make it easier for you and ensure everyone gets their refund from me without using pay pal and Gmail.  Eye am open to suggestions and willing to utilize anything that will keep and make this opportunity fair, safe, simple, and effective. 
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