Wednesday, March 10, 2010

DHAT MISTAH SHOW "What did you bring to the table?"

Today we approach the entry with a mindset of seriousness and concern. What has become a trend or genre is apparently misconveyed as definition of self. Money does not make the man but actions the thoughts of men. The only true reason you compete is to know you can succeed or pull through. The trophy or thought manifest is merely a key or link to rememberance of the true jewel or precious stone sparkling amongst the mouths of many to come.

Now back to your regularly schedule or rescheduled programming. "Reality Script" is the Twitter styled entry or excerpt cuppling that reality tv mindset and motion which increases the character limit to script worthy in notation. The script can begin as any monologue or dialogue beginning. Simply maintain the freedom of thought in knowing that anything technically is script worthy with the exclusion of everything.
Anyway, eye went back to thinking about how eye can improve my mission numbers from zero to 250 in people gifting. All eye need every year without fail is minimum 250 people up to 2,500 people. What eye seem to have difficulty with is knowing if eye should willfully submit this information. Eye'm feeling like telling the truth to people doesn't make them feel like buying or supporting an honest kept campaign. This means eye will have to dig deeper for concepts that harness the point and keep it in plain site and view.

Let's discuss at this time our comedic focus of Dhat Mistah Show. What primary dates do we have set aside for a comedian's night. Let's discuss options with Dream World Music Complex. Research the local metroplex comics who simply want opportunity to do their thizzle. If we do this sort of event we want to cover a rainbow of view points in comedy so that the assortment profile keeps it's individual roots in place.
When we do the comic shop extravaganza let's be certain to have a differen't sponsor for each comic so that we give each vendor their spot light shine and promotional opportunity for new business from possible prospects in business. Have the comics do a 15 second spot in Movie Phone voice as the show is recorded for audio purpose of using for Dhat Mistah Show marketing and promotion departments of the company. WE have to document our events of time to display what type atmosphere we are stating we can supply for everyone's time in need of such a show or event.
Please have each Comic Host ask the crowd who's your DJ? as part of the hype process. WE want to maintain a "This is Love" mentality at all possible loving moments. When making any reference to audience participants we engage only in words of love to continue to show you love oppose to any other value available. Out of love we accept the term concubine to be used as reference to that which is considered to fall in the category of "out my name" when referencing slander of one's name.

Can eye get a poll of whom here has something on their mind they want to be rid of? Anyone? How about you sir. You look like you have possibly serveral things on your mind you are wanting to rid yourself of. CAn we ask you to share with us in this exercise of what our goal is here and use your examples. WE will be discreet. Give this gentleman a warm round of applaus for helping us help us. What is your name sir? "NAme" And where are you from sir? Excellent! Now in fewest words possible what are you wanting to be rid of? "ISsue stated" Alright now if you will sir eye want you to close your eyes and relax as much as possible without falling out. "Possible laughter here"
Are you relaxing? "response" You sure you are relaxed? "REsponse" Excellent now what you are about to hear is very very ancient in knowledge and practice and has been forbidden by certain governments due to its effect on the people. When you hear these words you are going to remain relaxed enough to let go of whatever is ailing you in your heart and spirit. When you hear these words you are going to submit to knowing you are doing the very best you can and will continue to do so regardless of any facade of reality that walks before you.
Are you still relaxed? "response" "NAme" on the count of three you are going to forget how to be upset for the next three hours and continue to enjoy life and its precious moments. When you open your eyes at the count of three you are going to smile big on the inside of your heart and see what is truly there! One! Two! DJ HATSIM IS MY DJ! THREE! "RESPONSE" "NAME" do you have anything that is bothering you right now? really did that! Have a seat MR. "name" and enjoy the show. Ladies and Gentleman we bring to the stage our first speaker all the way from his momma and daddy's house please welcome..."name"

ABOVE IS an example of the shows flow in appeal and target. We are simply here to release negative energies and siften them of the positive and resupply to the audience positive energy. Regardless of our expenses if we do not meet our target mission or goal (supply love and laughter) we fail. There is no reason to upset someone who is there for purpose of entertainment or release from self reality. We are here to help you heal so that your life's journey can continue in a positive as possible direction!
Here are the basic expense's for such an event as it will require full contact marketing and promotion to guarranty a positive response to the offer of entertainment. IF there is anyone out there who wants to help with the success of seeing this event become an annual event please contact us as we are always open for suggestion and assistance. Please note that we at Dhat Mistah Show walk with a higher principal for personal and business standard and will not tolerate anything less than professional in the areas of intention, expectation, and application. We pride ourself on complete honesty and conduct our business as so. There will be no surprises from us and update will be set at full throttle to keep you informed at every moment or angle required to disburse such an update. Now as said before here is the projected expense report for such an event based on a full house total 2,500 maximum with 250 minimum.

Marketing $1500.00
Advertising $1500.00
Lodging $1500.00
Transportation $1500.00
Security $1500.00
Venue $1500.00
Equipment rentals $1,500.00.00
Total expenses: $8,500.00
Formula $20 x 2,500 spots $50,000.00
Net after expense:$41,500.00

This show format only requires a 3 to 4 hour venue and atmosphere to cover the club mind patron who doesn't understand on time. So we figure if we are using about 20 comics a show we can cover the event thoroughly. We retain the right to prioritize placement based on venue or crowd so that we do not lose interest in our customer base. We will place all comics based on material and rotation style which compliments from one comic to the next. We are targeting a time frame covering from 6pm to 10pm as actual show time. 5pm to 6pm would be Dhat Mistah Show hyping up the performance and then from 10pm to 11pm commentating on the evening's events. These events are recorded for promotion and marketing purposes to increase yield potential for any and all future Dhat Mistah Show events.

"Comic Shop Extravaganza" This is an event of many to follow if the challenges are met. If you have any comedic talent and want your moment you need to be a part of this event. You will be full shine amongst all your Dallas and Fort Worth family and surrounding metroplitan areas. This event we aim at traveling the state of TExas in all it's major cities and or popular cities! IF you are a Host or a Comic or a Voice OVer Talent this event is exactly for you!