Tuesday, July 27, 2010 - Dj Hatsim - K.B.G.I. STUDIO'S 69 THE "D" - Dj Hatsim - K.B.G.I. STUDIO'S 69 THE "D"

DHAT MISTAH SHOW brought to you by 'Sponsored Tweets" & "" where the motto is we want your success to be your success. Dj Hatsim has been informed dhat his established business model will be given a 3 year window before it is moved to Japan. The degree of this opportunity is so large we are not in overstanding as to why the numbers are not depicting the opportunity.
Dj Hatsim is sacrificing all his earned revenue to compensate for the time not utilized on this program. The support he obtains is not strictly based on financial obligations but more so community participation. We wrote an outline of what needs to take place for the module to remain in these united states and keep it in mind it's all based on 36 consecutive months.

"THE 2500 GROUP"
A financial nurturing system designed to only grow revenues and never deplete it's growth. These revenues accrued are thru a combined effort of 2500 individuals or equivelant of 2500 individuals whom submit or donate $20 denominations for 36 consecutive months to total a collateral base of $1.8million.
These revenue's are left to grow in a savings account and Trust under the umbrella of non profit organization and benefits.

I. Each member is committed to following the updates and steps to assist the program which does not max more than 1 hour a week or 4 hours per month doing:
a. visiting the designated website such as to view the broadcast recorded or live broadcast for Dhat Mistah Show
b. Visiting the designated website such as to view a recorded broadcast or show and provide feedback
c. visiting the designated facebook website, designated myspace website, designated twitter site for all show updates
d. visiting the designated online digital store such as: to download the designated album option or options
e. visiting any of the official DJ HATSIM or DHAT MISTAH SHOW themed or unthemed functions posted on website or update
f. visiting any of the official DJ HATSIM or DHAT MISTAH SHOW functions wearing OFFICIAL attire sponsoring or promoting DJ HATSIM or DHAT MISTAH SHOW

II. Each member can participate in the following to fulfill their support quota or options
a. participate in topic discussions via twitter, facebook and ustreamtv broadcasts of DHAT MISTAH SHOW
b. participate in any Dj Hatsim public event promoting THE 2500 GROUP,DHAT MISTAH SHOW, or DJ HATSIM fundraiser/pledge drive
c. participate in any Dj Hatsim movie review party
d. submit response videos to any DJ HATSIM or DHAT MISTAH SHOW channel ie. mistahsewetube or mistahewetube
e. pass out dhat mistah show or dj hatsim OFFICIAL GEAR at any DJ HATSIM or DHAT MISTAH SHOW official function
f. participate in any DJ HATSIM OFFICIATED or DHAT MISTAH SHOW OFFICIATED exhibition game, car wash, bake drive, blood drive,car show,bike show,or telethon
G. participate in any DJ HATSIM OFFICIAL or DHAT MISTAH SHOW OFFICIAL line dance video for DHAT MISTAH SHOW promotion purposes

III. Each member is requested to call in to any radio station official to push or request any DJ HATSIM or DHAT MISTAH SHOW single or song
a. call any Dallas/Ft.Worth radio station and request any of your favorite of the DJ HATSIM PLAYLIST or DHAT MISTAH SHOW playlist or song,single or topic
b. call any Dallas/Ft.worth radio station and request DJ HATSIM to be a guest dj or full time dj
c. we all call on the same day or week to request the song or single from DJ HATSIM or DHAT MISTAH SHOW album releases each month
d. we refer non affilaites and members to DJ HATSIM as for hire for all small functions such as house parties, graduation parties, birthday parties, wedding receptions, retirement parties,organization parties, etc.

IV. We The 2500 Group members sponsors and affiliates receive quarterly updates broken down by all accumulated data
a. donations and cd purchases gathered thru receipt response be it pay pal donations or download acquisitions
b. single sales
c. album sales
d. official gear sales
e. charity drives, fund raisers deemed OFFICIATED
f. savings accumulated
G. royalties distribution

V. We The 2500 Group members sponsors and affiliates will be present to discuss all franchise purchase selections
a. all data will be available such as location, brand,potential,taxes, zoning, business laws and total cost/final cost
b. we will host banquets to display our gathered data and then end the meeting with a dance and recap of purpose and direction
c. we turn in all grant requests,scholarship requests,funding proposals which enhance our networth a little to no cost

ALL THE HEADLINE STEPS ARE WHAT WE REQUIRE TO BE SUCCESSFUL. WE DHAT MISTAH SHOW MAKE AN ALBUM, MAKE IT READY FOR PURCHASE, THEN WE THE 2500 GROUP PURCHASE THE ALBUM, CALL IN TO RADIO STATIONS TO HEAR A SONG PLAYED, CALL RADIO STATIONS TO REQUEST DJ HATSIM ON AIR, WE VISIT THE DESIGNATED WEBSITES TO SHOW PARTICIPATION TO OUTSIDERS LOOKING IN AS WE BUILD OUR NETWORTH COLLECTIVELY TO USE THE PAPER WORK AS COLLATERAL FOR FRANCHISE ACQUISITIONS OF OTHER SUCCESSFUL FRANCHISES AND BUSINESSES. This group is a long term group commodities process proven successful and secure within itself to not fail by requiring the steps to be completed. This group is for the visionary who can see at the end of 3 years and has the wisdom and patience to allow this process to develope and unfold just as a pregnantcy requires to build a healthy child. We will not cheat this program so dhat in the long term it does not get cheated or require cheating to remain successful, unlike most businesses of wall street today. We are the future appreciated by the past knowing what is in store ahead.