Monday, August 30, 2010


"What U are about to read is a prayer letter written to God by the writer of this blog." This is an honest to heart prayer which makes one wonder who else thinks this way outside of a pulpit?
Dhat Mistah Show staff

"Father" a prayer by Dj Hatsim

Eye thank U for everything blessed under ur name. Eye seek guidance and counseling on matters of finance.
Eye am weary as eye am not meeting my obligations as a provider.
Eye am hopeful thru wisdom of experience as U have never failed me or let me down.
Eye am hungry to embelish in ur power of vision and humility as eye seek to bring back with my heart knowledge of time travel.
Eye am still walking towards music as inspiration in story and biography of led by the spirit and have not blossomed as of yet by commercial standards and humbly seek counsel in these areas.
Eye am having a problem asking U 4 help cause eye feel eye can do it on my own knowing eye have not ever done it on my own. It takes money for me to do this strategicly so if its permissioned by U can eye get a sympathy blessing of 3million listeners to buy my song or cd?
Eye want to do things dhat are possibly not in ur will so eye hesitate in asking. My thought is to set up on the internet a music store of all music eye digitally create with the tools u blessed me with,receive direct payment from these sales,deposit all profits into a savings-Trust and IRA so dhat eye can establish a business portfolio dhat is designed to give back to its members by utilizing other economic business modules which already work such as buying a franchise like McDonalds.
What eye would aspire to remind the world in a tangent means is giving can be done without compromise of love.
If U allow me to win the lottery of millions, eye would set it up personally. Eye would joyfully drive around the city and bless random people as eye wear ALLGODD apparel. Eye would network with random vendors promoting their products and give em to random peoples in need of,food,clothes,eyecare,physicals,home repair,pictures,business attire, auto repair,medication,and more.

Then eye make in different colors(inspired thru U) ALLGODD T-shirts (copy right since 1999) and promote banquets and dinners. As Dj Hatsim eye shall record and broadcast the entertainment section of the banquet and the interview after banquet. The after banquet interview is self testimony by those who were impacted,inspired,blessed,or released from a situation or mindset believed unrelinquishing.

The interviews will also display those who were impacted by the random acts of "Compassion" displayed to them out of nowhere.

Father in my heart,not as an attention seeker, eye feel deeply to walk around or journey around and bless people as they ask themself why me? Here is my deep request of U as eye seek this with no fear. When eye look into their eyes bestow upon me in dhat moment a deepened discernment which confirms or supports their thought or request in you over their life.
Allow me to answer questions they asked of u in private and thru me Father give them ur word of consolate or corraboration.
Eye have it now but faintly. Eye seek to walk heavy in discernment of all senses and times past,present,future,mind,sound,body,heart and explode upon your children in love,your mark on their life.

My request dear Lord is to speak all languages under your discernment and interpret all dreams and speak in original tongue of The Father to authenticate and balance my mind in knowing when and where eye am in the process so dhat God perfect is all to be found at hand.

Eye in this request seek to affirm my belief,my knowing of Ewe,but more so make a difference in this world. Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven and it is my honor to raise my level in hypersensitivity of The Spirit and Glow as only Ewe can make it so.

Please Lord allow me to utilize all the gifts bestowed upon me thru your authentication and gifting of the holy spirit as eye am the only one of my kind from all dimensions as U told me so. 6billion people on the planet and Mine was the only voice U could hear! U called me up we met, we journeyed,eye cried & cried of joy knowing U would send me back, u asked long way or short way,eye said long way,and did not realize based on who and what eye am dhat short way would work for me too,and now eye reside in an eternal DejaVu throughout all of time. Eye love it all either way because either way eye look at it,it is still ALL GOD,therefore eye represent Ewe AllGodd The Most High!
Father eye can barely finish my request because the knowing dhat eye am abundantly by ur word blessed in salvation by more dimensions than some eye simply lose my mind. So please if eye may ask of U, allow me to embrace U fully once again with all eyes wide open and to photographicly, photogenicly,memorize or at will recall all u show me,allow me to speak in ur original tongue at will,allow me to know what eye speak in ur tongue and interpret for others,allow me to glow in the night when my mind is strenghtened and focused on Ewe and pray the prayers dhat bless U back to remain my leadership and guidance in all dhat eye do inside and outside,left or right, up or down,thru and thru,all angles,corners or bends,dhat eye always choose Ewe(U).

Eye know reyet now U will consider my request and eye bless U ahead in time for doing so. Eye'm honored,eye'm blessed,eye'm thankful,eye'm inspired and most of all eye'm yours by the blood of the lamb and thru the power of the holy spirit eye thank U oh Lord my God The Most High.
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