Friday, October 8, 2010

Dhat Mistah Show Campaign for Community

"The 2500 Group" 817-264-7554 Campaigns to Give Away $10,000 CASH per every 2500 Albums sold from Itunes of the album "Dhat Mistah Show Vol. I"
This campaign is formulated to stimulate the economical value of lower & middle class americans.
The business module is simple, sound,& Fool proof, which guarrantees it's stability in the business world. This program simply uses basic throw away funds and channels them into a money growing option and then distributes the benefits amongst its initial consumers.
Here is how it works. 2500 people spend $20 once a month for 36 months. Those funds thru a filter process are channeled into a savings account to collect interest. Once the target goal is reached a Franchise is aquisitioned.
The profits of the Franchise are deposited into the savings account to increase yield of interest. Simple. All we are doing is putting our money together to buy a franchise and make money. 20years or less we collectively can retire or work part time, fix ya house, buy a car cash,take a vacation,get your surgery done knowing your portion is covered. Whatever it is you need to do will be handled from basic math. The power of numbers is great. The power of value in numbers is even greater.
What we are doing is functioning as a business and stockholders. My personal interest is generating numbers so a Major Record label will invest a multimillion dollar deal in my music. Eye in turn am investing in YOU. My main goal personally is to get my music heard by millions across the globe. Once a billion people have heard my story and message YOU the initial 2500 investors will become instant millionaires by default.
My plan is simple,to the point,kind,and generous. Eye cannot do this without YOU so eye continue to beg,borrow,and plead your heart to trust in the plan so we all can get what we need,want,desire,feel we deserve, and more. The American Dream!
-Dj Hatsim-
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