Wednesday, December 22, 2010

When Did It Change

Somewhere from the stages of childhood we change with our respect to what is mommy & what is daddy. The moments of Xmas increase with lesser or greater expectations of receiving & giving of presents. The smiles & frowns become innertwined as more & more dialogue is exchanged. Somewhere during all the expectations & ideals the true bond of love between child & parent becomes altered.

The best thing as a parent is to remain free of any thoughts which place us in the mindset of ownership as we are all only mere stewards of the lives we carry & nurture as all belong to The Most High. If U are not allowed to be treated as another persons property by government standards then why do U expect ur children to believe they are ur property opposed to ur love?

When U decide to discipline ur child remember these words. The love of God is the only love in me. Compassion and reassurance can be utilized in so many vital areas of relationship and its moments of bonding. Create the environment and its borders for knowing when the time and the place represent the expectation. Confusion does not help expectations but only fuel disappointment and frustration.

The only thing eye can see is where to remain faithful as a parent and not disruptive as a human being when it comes to the relationship building opportunities with the ones eye believe were created out of love. -Mistah-
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