Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Note: 2 Drink Minimum

Eye am visiting Improv Arlington for the 1st time and am excited.  My booth seat is comfy and so is my drink.  Eye came here simply to release my mind from bondage and hostility in effort to calibrate my ability and inhibitions of success and freedoms.          What eye learned about myself in this visit is how simple it is to make up ur mind about keeping peace in ur surroundings.  We can all loosten up a little bit and simply appreciate the awesome positive moments we are blessed to be involved in.  It's life ladies and gentleman so turn ur rememberance on and revalue the lesson u are already familiar with and dhat is nothing but God is perfect.  We all are trying our best in the moment we are engaged with dhat requirement.     The more u involve urself the more u give from ur energy or persona so be mindful of what in whom u give.