Sunday, February 6, 2011


PERSONAL BLOG ENTRY BASED ON DJ HATSIM AS MISTAH BOOGII. The thoughts has come to me how to help me catch up to my dejavu and prove a theory based on experience recalled and relived. There is a formula eye believe eye am involved in which until these moments passing eye have allowed to elude me. There is a simple way to make me recall numbers, events, dialogue, obtained from the dream state of sleep.

What eye will attempt to do is simply dress in same color based on the month, recall the numbers played in lottery based on the events major. Example this years Superbowl is known as XLV. The Superbowl being hosted in Dallas is Monumental and the events surrounding the Cowboy Stadium in Arlington (sheets of ice falling on workers) is just as historic of the stadiums legacy.

There are other personal events to me and my family which will reinforce my findings such as my mothers passing in september 2010, my brothers affiliation with a situation placing him in hiding for survival, me driving the limo's for the first time, losing my job in November 2010, my personal injury in July of 2010, and a few inbetween events such as The White Ghost and the Caprice.

What needs to remain on my mind is a focus of intent and purpose surrounding all of these events and allow them to lead me up to a focus which brings babck to the top of my memory banks a winning lottery combination which eye should have already witnessed as the winner based on me frequenting lottery results in my dream state. Many times eye simply see things way ahead in time of my personal future (like the movie Next with Nicholas Cage except not as pristine) however when encountering them eye only recognize its familiarity and search why eye feel dhat way.

What eye plan to correct is not the seeing, or somewhat knowing, but the focus of knowing eye am searching for a trigger which explodes me into rememberance. The task at hand is simple but only when the focus remains on the search for the triggers!

What eye have personally witnessed is you pretty much are exactly how you always are or believe yourself to be. What is reyet in front of us eludes us simply due to our misbelief in the things we are surrounded by as distractions to a higher focus and recognition. Eye believe we are exactly as Adam and Eve as we are divine and do not realize we are so due to that we continue to remain disconnected from our true being which is eternal and divine!

It is my belief dhat when eye complete the cycle and validate with irrefutable proof such as a winning lottery ticket eye will have the attention required to ask the perfect question of the connection between spirit and flesh! The question of is God real as well as the question of Heaven adn Hell. These are not my questions to prove wrong or right but more so to support yes and no.

Eye am gifted for a reason and a purpose and submit not to endangering the divinity of any human being of this world or being beyond this world. Eye merely am tired of feeling as if what eye know eye am witnessing is merely an imaginary friend gone rogue or wild.