Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Black Finn in Addison
Well needless to say the Williams Brothers have again made a stink enough to be shun away simply because we decided to bring a little Hollywood to the Texas panhandle. We were in an awesome mood of promoting for our business as any business should. We were in the limo and 1 suv which happened to be a new Cadillac Escalade. New to us.
Anyway, we valet parked both vehicles, which the attendant had to gain clearance to valet the limosuine. Well, eye carry a briefcase. Makes me feel like a real business person some how. You know dhat eye have important thangs up in this briefcase, so eye walked my nappy class to the back of the limo and placed it in the trunk. We walk to the establishment and take our time doing so.
We are looked up and down and then are told we aren't dressed appropriately. We had on $120 dress shoes, $45 socks, $$450 watch, $20 shoe laces, $20 dress socks, $120 bottle cologne(not gon tell ya) $40 draws (underwear), basically we both combined are wearing$1300 to $1900 in ensemble and accessories easy.
We are in 2011 so could you please come up with a better lie if you are going to be bluntfully racists. Atleast a Klansmen will have a little color about his prejudice.