Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Thank you for considering Williams Transportation service as we are proud to announce our successful venture with Liberty Limosuine and affiliates. We are currently researching additional networks to help establish a more immediate response for all inquiries to using our services.

Currently at this time we are establishing a membership program which will allow great discounts on all packages to members only. Membership can be broken up into installments over the course of 9 months or paid in one lumpsum amount thru pay pal. We are positioning ourselves to become a household name and product in your area.

The summer is here and it is hot. Getting ready for water parks and shaded concerts as we speak as your continued use of service has enlightened us to the basic needs of the public. Due to our small staff we are establishing a membership program so we can continue to service our frequent patrons of the service.
However, we absolutely want to leave no one unattended so we are establishing a new template for payment via paypal. We recognize that budget and costs mean everything so we selectively chose fair monetary values to support such a request or need for both business and consumer. If you have any questions on how to resolve a concern for use of service please feel free to contact us during the hours of 6am thru 10pm, Monday thru Saturday, or simply email us using and a representative will respond to your concern or request in the order in which it is received.

Before we set the standard for membership only we are extending our tips only option thru the end of the summer. If you have never taken a limo ride before now is the best time to enjoy the luxury and comfort of a limosuine. People have the misconception there needs to be a special occassion for a limo ride. Mistah says not so. Take a ride simply for the joy of it. IF your request is within a 3 mile radius simply tip the driver. Take a ride from your house to your friends house. Each person can simply tip the driver. It's our way of saying thanks for selecting Williams Transportation Service/Liberty Limosuine.

So remember regardless of the need or event think of Williams Transportation Service. "We Get You There Because We Care" DRIVING IS OUR BUSINESS!