Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Williams Transportation Service Membership Options

Charles Williams Limousine

Annual membership required

Basic Public rates
$180 + $118(&'s) 3hour block
$350 + $103(&'s) 4hour block
$500 + $88.75(&'s) 5hr blocks
Blocks are paid in advance
Cc on file to charge overages
Invoice receipts are emailed
(&'s: reference additional time)

Driver Rates per hour
$75 $55 $35
These are off peak rates available to members & some non members. These rates are paid to drivers in the field during promotional & marketing opportunities and duties.
GPS driving
Address to Address
Paved roads only

Packages are based on average useage and persons projected for use of service.

Presidential rate based on exclusivity during premium days & seasons.

30 Day Membership
Covers you & 2 guests
Sundays thru Wednesdays
10am thru 6pm
$90per hour
Dining/Restaurants,Dancing Pavillions,Arenas,Theatres, Stadiums, & Concert Halls,Hotels, & some Theme Parks

(This pass does not include pay to park or pay to enter locations such as Cowboy's Stadium & The Verizon theatre)

We drive & ride safety first and are not liable or responsible for any 3rd party sustained injuries, self inflicted injuries, self medicated injuries, or injuries occurred due to lawful or unlawful horse play such as shadow boxing, dangling any body part out of window, or adult themed activities.
All transports are themed for dignified or conservative recreational passengry.