Friday, February 17, 2012

Im Dreaming

My life is a story which has an awesome awesome awesome true beginning and then transitions from 3D HD into prime time social soaps. What I love most is the fact that I am witness to it all. Every plus and every minus I am witness to it all.

Where I am now is in courage to reclaim the promises made to me that I can be all of who and what I am as I embark upon the trailing persuit of "dreams do come true" and "on earth as it is in heaven" and that is a fact Jack!

I dream consciously as my body rests, thus providing me a healthy glimpse of insight of what is to variably transpire and unfold. The best part is I get to relive these opportunities as a first time encounter which in itself is recharging to my spirit.

I have removed fear of failure & success and replaced them both with knowing why it all is possible. My worst case scenario is a break in reality, but because my focus and logic behind my beliefs, I am still balanced. Luckily for me I am of and for Love!

I am able and willing to take my life all the way to the point where I no longer am my only author of my attributes to society.

Charles Williams
Mistah Boogii
Dj Hatsim
King Deuce