Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Letter Never Sent

Honestly...I don't want to hear me talking about my feelings...that's what got me dumped in the first place.
I'm always good enough for a beginning.
I can't place focus on anything other than my promise & vow to me, and that is to be a better man.

I have my own pace, mind, objective, and format I am at peace with having so my sanity remains in tact.
I've shared waaayyy too much about how I think & what I think I know to everyone around me, & it's not productive.

I have no more explanations about anything else. I have been mucked up since the age of 2 for my honest mind. This very same mind is why I am loved & why I loved.

I am naturally loving. Definition of my love, why, when, where, how, I love, is not required. I am a boy in a man's body and I need to catch up.

If you love me, then love me, but don't require my affirmations as that introduction was clarified before we tasted each other.

I choose to be free to make the right choice at all possible opportunities in time.