Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Know, butt....?

Yes it's your right to express your emotions thru the arts. Dance, writing, music, painting, and fashion all deal with expression of creativity.
However, if you do it because of the group is doing it, where in the proactive decision is the individuality?

I'm parked at a campus to save gas and I monitor the activity. I see people getting rides by family, friends, and taxi's.  I see all fashion types. The only one which looks like a court jester, is the one which requires a multi colored peter cotton tail hat, tshirt, tennis, & most importantly the baggy saggy pants.

The baggy saggy gives men wobble waddle

stride. They saggy baggy boys walk like penguines with arthritis. This is not swag. It's waddle. Step up your mind and know that simple attracts simple just as great begets greater, but fleas and flies like honey & kool aid all the same.