Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pow Wow Wow!


I started out wanting to write about my educational experience in starting over, and then in  Starbucks I see this so more than  eclectic built female from Egypt. She has no idea how her silhouette commands a stare, a glance, and a thought of what does your hug feel like.

I know it's vulgar to some, but even her footwork was attractive enough to say thank you God for sending me to Starbucks. Her booty bumps when she walks. She wasn't the most beautiful looking, however, when you know its an authentic woman, you simply appreciate not seeing another transformer tricking you into thinking beyond your actual or authentic admirations.

If I post this particular entry, it means I hit publish in error. Lol!


I in my attempt to better my mind, heighten my value to the work force, and inspire my spirit's mind to continue without any reluctance was a tid bit shattered today when my reality displayed itself.  I on the word of a friend said go back to school. I applied for FAFSA then finally after documentation adjustmetns were made, I registered for DCCCD's DALLAS TELECOLLEGE CREDIT COURSES only to be reminded me of my true original dilemma.  You don't have any money whatsoever to pay for your classes. Not even on a payment plan with down payment of 50%.
No problem, so I thought.  Then I log in to eConnect and click the link Financial Aid Status and it tells me that No Financial Award was given and my status is Warning. 

Ladies and Gentleman if the tuition were that of a traditional university campus I wouldn't feel as tiny, however, we are only speaking about a lump sum of less than $1500 one semester.  I am hanging my head beneath my scrotum in disappointment as I continue to defecate my neck with continued disappointment after disappointment. 

Remember that Transportation Company I am working for. Well due to funding I have to find ways which do not require me to pay to publish or promote the business. Not only that, but it has to be a campaign which remains appealing and draws in the average new customer and convince them this is the choice to make. 

I pretty much am going through my "Job" again and simply look up to the Heavens for reaffirmation of my love and trust as Faith carries me over somehow some way to say I love you unconditionally God.


This girl leaving has the same build as the first girl which looked egyptian but she was finer and a little cuter.  Starbucks attracts the fine ones of all types and I must admit I appreciate my pressence to bare witness to these facts.