Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tell Me Why?

  Why should an artist, whom lives off the sales created from music, bother to make an album? 

 We are all digital and socially interactive now. Download speeds are more than accessible. Electronics have changed the basics in fundamentals of creativity & work ethics. There are now more self made's than before as the information age has empowered millions to embrace their dream as technology walks us through each individual step. Publishing, marketing, advertising, branding, saturation, instant access, streaming, merchandising, fashion, public relations, music production, sound engineering and much more are all accessible from the same one stop shop and office known today as the internet.  

  A male from Atlanta made $50,000 from a Youtube video of an interview describing his take on events of a neighborhood crime. A movie editing program, a music editor program, an I-Tunes account, and thousands of video likes and repostings this man's entire financial life changed in less than one days worth of minute to minute work. He went on to buy his mother a new house from sales of ONE SONG!

  Traditional music albums cost millions in expenses required to create, produce, promote, publish, and administrate the album. Now through social media aids marketing and promotions are exploding with no forseeable future of slowing down.

  A junior high school student set up a Web page for his love of film. The student and a few friends put together a movie of stunts, antics, one liners, and authentic dialoges, and through technology ended up with a just final product.

  Once they finished the movie thru Adsense cpc, a google monetary advertsing system, the film generated thousands of dollars. The theme song attached to the short film receives royalties in sales and streams. The talent show recording, made available for $.99 on ITunes and other online stores has produced in one quarter enough revenue to attend a full scale university.  One movie, one song, one webpage, one month, changed this young adults financial mind forever.

  Making an album has now been requested by the minds of millions to visual audio entertainment.  MTV, VH-1 & a few others spun this Web as we reached out to touch our favorite artist whom by an album cover, music, and concert appearances, captured our attentions and even our souls. The only purpose to make an album now is to release number one hits. If by chance you become famous from it all, you will need to save & invest every dime you make because you are now expected to reproduce success. Now your career is completely in your own hands!