Monday, September 17, 2012

How much of you is your art?

This question provides serious thought behind the closed doors of business. The more of you there is the higher your bargaining percentages & value. Technology can protect your value as long as you document it all.
The truth is the reality of action and repeat action in this schematic of thought. The designed intent realms a completion of steps fueled by one metric of focus.  The outcome is based on the origin of questioning in two words. How much?
I am personally worth a minimum of 3 lifetimes based on revenues created by my presence, functionality, and pending worth. What kept me from collecting my rewards were my ignorance to business practices.
Business is a lifestyle more than it is a practice. The most effective technique is repeat business. This technique allows any art form or product to remain in its original form as the introductions have been completed successfully during the windows of opportunities available. 
Now the client, the market, and the excitement all are looking forward to the successes.
Best practices have now revealed themselves accusingly.  Patent, copyrights, trademarks, publishing, bar codes, EIN, Aliases, address, office, CPA documentation, taxes, & non profit organizations are all required.
Select one polished product and one raw product. Complete the business set up for each. Practice your step completion with the raw product to find all loop holes. This step alone will save you time & money based on First Impressions law of social interactions. Once you know all your steps it is simplified into follow through.
What is your smile? This is crucial in every encounter of human contact as not all smiles are displayed. The best truth of this metric is knowing to allow everyone an honest reason to smile again on their own level.
I have two songs each 2:00 minutes in time. The raw recording and the studio polished recording. They each have distinguished spelling but are pronounced the same. Both are on the same album with barcode, trademark,ein, copyrights, and publishing and royalties.
I follow through theory on the raw recording, and complete the follow through with the polished recording. Both records generate revenue to the same house. The house I built simply done keeps record of royalties & disbursements. The additional revenue comes from online radio stations whom stream the records, the social pages aligned for cpc pay outs, and local merchants whom sponsor a campaign.
The functions are simple and require every day of your attention. Following my guide book will change how you are socially viewed, recognized as business, and growthly surplused in economics.