Sunday, October 14, 2012

Personal Thoughts Edition

"Living Off The Wall"

As yet another picture falls or should I say rise
As if I had to have seen it
With mine own eyes
Another story told
and to no surprise
We did what we always do
Tears from our eyes

A higher purpose called
Another witnessed time
Transcendant of the body held throughout time
No more barrier
You be free now!
Tell "Pop" What it do
We Helicopter proud
You know the truth
7 Fold To the "T" now
Ever changing in the powers
That we be child
We are made in their image
For true purpose Stylez
Multifaceted in the knowledge of who we be
We gon chop it up
I can still see ya man
White Linen from the stars
Shining bright Wow
I had my chance to make it
Happen & here we are now
Celebrating every reason to keep on "Living Off The Wall"