Monday, October 8, 2012

Your Support is Requested thru I-tunes at $9.99

If you follow me at all then you are already aware of the scenario and blueprint in detail.  There is much work to be done and it only requires the numbers of participation now.  The ball is rolling and needs players.  The best thing we can ask is a donation from each of you of $9.99. 

Currently all branches of this program are ready and raring to go, however, each branch or tier requires participation from the public.  I could ask all of my personal family members and friends for assistance however, the truth of participation from family is they don't really believe you until you get people you do not know involved.  The funnier part is that's what everyone does!

I have a personal proposition for all involved on a business level.  The proposition is how far can you take this and show the world how simple it is to create, nurture, and respect and not agree all at the same time.  There are many causes out there.  Awesome causes for healing and health as well as education and prosperity.  My personal vested interest in this entire program was and is funded by my mother who passed of cancer September 23, 2010.  I am not telling you this for sympathy. I am sharing with you as my leap of faith in honesty. 

There is a way to minimize the national unemployment rate for 90, 120, 180, up to 365 days straight once this proposition is completed.  The power of the people is what is needed to make this work.  The governing bodies have too many agendas which will delay all on the ground results from 3 to 18 years.  We have people who need work now. We have people who need money to pay doctors now. We have people who need eye wear, shots, check ups, follow ups, dental work, blood work now.  Now is the time to change not only the face of transition but the way we play the entire game.

Here is the heart.  I can absolutely affirm under all legal jargen and verbiage that this program inside of one absolute year will represent you as a millionaire.  This program will provide you the opportunity to write off your debts up to $25,000 without you filing for bankruptcy, get a new vehicle, and more.  Simply follow the required steps of protocol to ensure your safety, and remain within all legal boundaries under the law.  This system is not a cheat system nor a irresponsible one either.  It's simply a manner of checques and balances which provide the same results using a direct path.

2,500 individuals make a donation of $9.99 once a month for 12 consecutive months.  The cleared and filtered revenues are attached to a foundation and savings designed to build financial portfolios.  Once completed through all measure required for success each individual member will be in position to eliminate debt up to $25,000 each.

Here is the kicker.  This program is not limited to the united states of america.  Think about it this way. America has in general 300,000,000 persons registered or documented.  How many individuals are there in China, Japan, India?  How fast do you think this program will grow based on their numbers. What I shall do through music is focus my dedicated efforts on lessening or removing poverty for a duration of time in which impacts the world's view as a society. 

The best part about waking up is knowing there is a drink in your cup.  Sounds familiar doesn't it? Well, I changed the dialogue to protect copy rights but the truth is the same.  Adsvertisers want your psyche's attention span to sway your focus on their brand of choice and product for your dollars and cents.  This is the way of this world.  Since the wheel is already invented let's perhaps place this wheel on a different style of vehicle. 

The advertising dollars received from the merchants and corporations alike will be utilized to ensure you are either compensated for your time and participation, or ensure you are receiving the minimum collected amount for being part of this program. 

We shall have a specified web page on which shall display commercial representation of these merchants and businesses.  We shall utilize for your participation in viewing these quick vids random posts from Twitter. These Twitter posts or "Tweets" will ask questions for answers or make statements which  generate responses to being a selected as "winner."  These Twitter posts are crucial to hourly participation.