Sunday, October 14, 2012

Signed Ding Goh

Have you ever pretended with me due to an impactful concern or feared result

What I agreed to in love was a "forever" based on multiple reasonings but only one true Cause.  I agreed to "For My Worse" as well as "For My Best" in My All

You can divorce me all you want to, but it doesnt remove the years I spent building & rebuilding a better me so that I could be a better We.

I am weird. Have always been.  I learned everything I could and knew I didnt know it all.

So, whether or not you want to share my intimacy for you, or whether I am just the Father of your best work ever in your life, know that My Deepened Desire was my only true fault, which caused my wrong choices, which revealed my weakened state, which opened my eyes, which taught me everything I missed.

I have no more fear left. I can't mess anything else up. I am always as I am seen or needed.

"Side Note" I flirted with you more than any other woman I have seen. You became my fantasy. Air deepened desire.

If you actually want'll know what to do. Hint: It can't be faked & it's touch is without hands.

... im all about my success now...I've not forgotten any debts or responsibilities. When I win this game, you will definitely know.

Your Real Man
"Ding Goh"