Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sinner Saint's Deuce The King

King Deuce/Sinner Saint

Touching Bottom
My girl is the sweetest innocence you can ever imagine possible.
She loves my dirty draws & loves the fact that she don't know why.
I can say to my girl.."let's split a camels toe & watch it cry" & she will be like..."ok!"

Now to those who don't know it yet, I am super sensual bipolar mania passive.
Dhat means I always wanna kuff when i'm overly excited & joyful Sundays or Fridays.

I met my girl and apparently was unaware we were already in a relationship the day she introduced herself.
Apparantley, I have the itenorary of relationship building, in the wrong order of priority. Hey. How you doin. Wanna go out. Im pregnant. Dhats my baby momma, etc.

Be ya'lls name. Stop complaining about how much work you gotta do. It's in your name.
Wo-man. Two for one. Two names put together as one.
Fe-male...2 for one.... name one function mind one focus.
Female...two minds two objectives
Woman...two minds, two voices

Here's the problem. When your bank doesn't match her bank. She is out of touch with financial reality.
"I don't see what's so hard about having money?!" (she)
(him) I am doing my best
Her...humph...i guess.

Now...earlier...she loved you...$$$ however reveals you aint shit to her without it.
Dhats why a black mannnn...will date a white wo-mannnn.
She already got her money. Plus her rich father will pay you not to get her pregnant.
A black 3 job broke father wants you to pay him to watch the kids.