Friday, January 4, 2013

Sinner Saint

Good life to you ladies n gentleman.  For those of you whom are not satisfied with this greeting, thank you for not knowing the difference.  The truth is it was not meant for you to begin with as I am not speaking to the average carnivore any longer.  My words are for the very intellect of higher consciousness and existance.  I want to share with you a dramatic interlude of questions and answers so that you can have a first hand knowledge of why humanity is in the dire of straights even as you ascend to higher levels of eternity.

Number one:
If you can stop allowing such antics as a Honey Boo Boo child to make more money than a teacher, caregiver, a street poet, or even a lemonade stand based on the level of intelect required to simply act a donkey, we'd highly appreciate the opportunity ourselves to make adequate livings and pay higher taxes affordably.

Number two:
When a woman lies could you make her body hornier and less resistant.  This would keep men on the honest playing field of knowing what a woman wants as it stands today there is no way to believe what she says other than buy me another Coach Purse from Neiman's.

Number three:
When will you inform mankind the difference in suffering between tobacco cigarettes and herbal hemp and allow those of true knowledge indulge without repremand as it has been noticed that the deadliest of killers and causes has no true restriction other than after market sales.  If this small contingentcy could be reprioritized in an official lightbulb manner to mankind I personally would lick the crack of Joan Rivers and go as far as hitting it doggy style, if it pleases you to know my humility.

Number four:
If you want The United States of America to straighten up, then I suggest we allow every 3 presidentcies a Comic for President such as Don Rickles.  If this doesn't scare the economy straight then nothing nuclear will ever matter.  The mere look at Don Rickles at this day and age is enough to know we have only one chance to get this right!

Number five:
Homosexuality is not really an issue more so than it is a misconception.  We seem to believe we are heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, and trisexual, when in fact we are homosapien advocates of affection in all realms and dimensions.
 A woman who owns a dog and hates a man is an animal lover.  She may or maynot be an advocate of peanut butter.  
 A man who gets married to a woman is not deemed as a pet but always he is in the dog house.
 The problem of misconception is clear.  The only people who are fashionably correct are Preists.  They simply wear a dress in the name of God.
  If it's a really macho preist and knows the rules of eternity he is smart and goes commando so she his partner can hide his jewels without being noticed.

NOW...if anyone in this audience laughed, frowned, squirmed, or even uttered a syllable or sound, then I completed my task.  The point of entertainment is for you to indulge for a moment the possibility of that which you are able to view or vision, hear, speak or imagine.  If you frowned, it's because of three things.  You either tried it and didn't like it, you imagined it with a family member or friend, or you stopped to think about it and realized you like it but did not want others to see your I like it face thus you frowned.  Either way YOU look at it.