Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sinner Saint's "Excuse My Django"

Excuse my Django, but I just want my wife back!  This is not what you think but in the same sense it's exactly what you believe it to be.  My personal lifestyle and your personal lifestyle won't match, however, my homosapien characteristics and your homosapien characterics will always match.  We need the world to go round and round as we go. 

I was thinking outloud to myself and stumbled upon a thought yet not complete but healthy in questioning.  Why not simply start a business model to cover all your domestic model needs.  Why do you feel the need to be equal to hetereosexual couples and demand you are recognized as married?  This format doesn't work as black america has proven this by continued denial of the deep rooted aspiration of acceptance by eurocentric america as we continue to purchase hair and now sad to say have begun utilizing plastic surgery techniques to remain acceptingly beautiful.

My suggestion is this small one.  Instead of deeming you be accepted as married, considering you looooove this person sooooo much and want to never be apart, then why not establish a business formula and incorporate yourselves.   If you are partnered with one who seems the logic in this it wouldn't be too problematic.  Your business model will outline what each brings to the business infrastructure, duties, and so forth.  Here's my short pattern reasoning.  I figure just like a a corporate business does, you can hide all your same wants and needs in the business.  Insurance, write off's, and end up in an excellent position to increase your credit score by not screwing it up under your personal identification number for the united states of america. 

Here's another way of looking at it.  What looks better on your paper trail is being viewed as an educated, gainfully employed, entrepreneur, who makes always on time payments to his sams club card, and 1 visa card, becasue the company card pays for the other business expenses and more.  Don't take my word for this at all.  Speak to consultants who specialize in these fields of economics such as small business loans, public traded companies, cpa, irs, bankruptcy attorneys, divorce attorneys, senators, politicians, hedge fund companies, insurance companies, unemployment insurance, and the list carries on.  Speak to people who are involved with the building, receiving, and ability to sustain large sums of money and recognize the new american family has to be an all around business american family.  Your personal preference is not longer working best for you.