Thursday, February 28, 2013


The problem in every human being on Earth is The id

 Ego prevents one from being completely honest with themselves, embracing the facts, and then motivating one's self to make the change for the better in spirit.  We today all are slaves to popularity and financial progress. Opposed to doing anything about what we see going on we all simply sit back and's not my problem/my fault and allow nonsense to grow into what we all know today as "the way it is" 

A man of business making $100K a year will frequent a burlesque establishment proudly but cannot allow all of his constituents or following know exactly what he does for relaxation or fun. A Woman today has been told she can't look that beautiful in the work place, but that was thee very reason she was hired.

Jobs are about image, TV is about image, you getting a loan is about image. We should return initially to thee very image that means the most and carries the most weight on our spiritual selves which is tangent to all religions and theologies. "What goes around comes around. What is done in the dark shall come to light. For every action is an equal and opposite reaction." We are all children in adult forms of growth and some of us have learned as the others don't realize what they have been taught!  #YouGOTme2doThis