Sunday, November 10, 2013

How To Date Me

What my date needs to know:

Massage:African Oil
My feet & calves
Hands then shoulders
Then therapeutic massage

My musical best
No serious dialogue if any
No judging No analysis
Observation only

Strawberry/Banana juice

The best tender n juicy steak
...................the formula...........
Allow me my moments and my process, which may not require your interaction.
Let me have my way with you.
I dont want to hear me talk without it either being recorded professionally or without a microphone and an audience eager to listen.

I will walk you thru.
He showers and thinks, then sings, searching within himself.
He afterwards is silent & observant, reflecting on all he can recall of his covenants.
He oils in prayer blessing the stewardship.
He freshens in prayer of blessings to the most high.
He will play music he created and allow it to move him.

*While he's doing these things, pour him a drank & roll up his blunts.
He's thinking too heavy at this juncture for small talk.
Caresses, kisses, rubs, are permissable, but do not grab nor pull on him aggressively.

817-264-7554 Sir Mistah