Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Now I choose...

I choose to grow
I choose to strengthen myself
Now I choose
I choose to smile
I choose to take my simple breath
Now I choose to go away from here
And be in love with someone
New myself
Now I choose to stand my ground
Remain firmly now the decision to help myself
And I choose to count my blessing here
I can always love myself
Before I choose....

Im apologizing up front bcuz I know your feelings & where you stand but I carry with me how I truly feel in my spirit anytime or moment I think of you.

I know you have moved on & I shall respect that. I never thought I was going to be this way....ever...again.

Regardless of the events when its all been said & done, I still have the butterflies. I think im going to keep them so I dont 4get too quickly my mind & my heart.

I only wanted to love you best I could when my hearts door had been opened. I dont have all the experience of perfection in choice but I embrace every one ever made.